Are electric bicycles only worth the city?


Electric bicycles are becoming more and more and not just for use in cities. Virtually all brands already have their electric model and not just urban style.

The services of shared bicycles have done much to publicize their advantages when traveling around cities. They demonstrate their comfort and ease of use for any type of person, regardless of the level of fitness, or the clothes you wear. But further, a study conducted in 12 European cities with this system has shown a direct impact on the health of the population. It promotes greater physical activity and decreases the level of pollution, which can translate into reduced medical attention and deaths in these populations.

These bicycles have a small electric motor. They are not a motorcycle, this only activates as a complement to pedaling, and stops working when the bicycle reaches a certain speed. It is an aid for certain moments. They work with a rechargeable battery, with greater or lesser autonomy, depending on the models. The best currently are lithium ion, less heavy and last longer. Also, its size is somewhat smaller to be hidden or attached to the painting.

At first, these bikes may seem ideal only for cities, areas with many slopes, or for people with low physical level. The first models have been bikes, or folding, thinking primarily in this use. The fact that the weight is high, did not make it attractive for other segments. But that is changing. The brands have already started selling electric mountain bikes. Sports models with suspension, and with the engine.

Other advantages to its more sporting use are being valued, such as allowing longer endurance workouts, or more technicians without having to make so much physical effort. Alternate them with the normal bicycle, using the lowest or highest level of assistance according to the objective. And is that, despite the help, we must not forget that moving the extra weight of these bikes also requires your effort.

It seems that the market opens up for electric bicycles for all uses and for all types of people, from the most sedentary to the most “pro” of mountain biking. It is worth remembering, that yes, those traffic rules are obligatory by bicycle. If we do not observe them we can be fined. The most common is to wear headphones (even if only one), not carry the appropriate signaling (regulatory lights), or not wear a helmet on the road.

So you know, if you want to move around town or want to advance more in your workouts, go to the electric bike. Now that prices are becoming more affordable, it can be a good time.


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