Stretching in the office


One of the biggest problems associated with inactivity today is work in the office. Spending eight hours sitting in front of a computer can cause postural and muscular problems, as well as back and joint pains.

A full day in a chair and, usually, in front of a computer, involves many hours each day in which the body does not perform any type of physical activity. Therefore, today in our blog we give you some recommendations that you can carry out in the office to alleviate these negative effects on our health:

  • Watch your position: The most important advice is to maintain a correct posture when we are sitting. Staying long hours in a bad posture means “punishing” our body physically. To get the proper posture, keep your back straight with your shoulders back. In addition, it is important that, if you work with a computer, the screen of this is located at eye level or a little bit lower, because if it is much lower you will have to lower the head damaging the position of the neck and may cause problems in the cervical. In addition, the table has to be at the correct height so that when writing we do not have to arch our backs.
  • Stretch: The office can become a perfect place to carry outstretches that will help us to reduce the effects of inactivity. You can discover some of these stretching exercises in this video of #Focus Tips:
  • Try to get up several times: It is important to take several breaks throughout the day to stretch and activate circulation. If possible, it is recommended that these breaks be at least five or ten minutes for every 30 or 40 that you spend sitting. Obviously, there are times when the workload does not allow them to be carried out with that frequency, but you should always try to take a few minutes during the day to get up and walk, even if it is through the office itself.
  • Move on the road: Since you have to stay seated for eight hours, take advantage, whenever possible, to go or return from work by bike, walking …
  • Perform exercises that allow your position: Even if you are sitting or sitting on a chair, you can perform some exercises such as stretching your legs, twisting your ankles or pressing with your adductors holding something between your legs.
  • Bet on a quality chair: The chair in which the work is carried out is very important to minimize the bad effects of spending a working day sitting. So, whenever it is in your hand, try to work in an ergonomic chair, which is comfortable and offers full support of the back and specific areas such as the lumbar.

In addition, it is important that you hydrate frequently to avoid fluid retention and that your diet is adequate, as well as, of course, exercise outside of your work schedule.


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