Rituals of Antonina Canal to succeed in 2019


It started an amazing year! This is the year of new beginnings, opportunities, and changes for our ultimate well-being.

In numerology 2019 is number three, the three means expression, creativity, magnetism, empowerment, projection, growth, and expansion. It is a year to materialize ventures, projects and all the dreams we had pending. That is why it is so important to be focused on our goals putting all the energy, attitude and commitment to manifest them since the universe this year will push the projects and people that are aligned with our purposes. If we vibrate loud this year will bring good luck, hence the importance of inner work. The external reality, in this case, will be the result of an interior transformation. It is a year to eliminate the drama and the apology and all the limiting thoughts and attitudes, to undertake and create a reality where WE CAN AND IS EASY.

Being the number 3 (air element), it will also be a year to open the wings, closed cycles and open others, make the dreamed trips, develop our artistic expression on all planes, activate the right hemisphere of the brain that believes in magic and miracles and dares to transform limits and challenges into opportunities for evolution and growth, to have a light heart, to laugh more and to be in gratitude, gratitude will be our magnet to create miracles. The projects will be supported this year and the possibility of realizing with the universe a reality of harmony and happiness.

I recommend these rituals to start the year and activate the number 3:

1. Create a vacuum: for the new to arrive, we have to say goodbye to the old. Leave everything we do not use or has no relevance in our lives. Give away 30% of clothes, shoes, kitchenware, office objects, get rid of photos, emails, etc. Sometimes the new can not arrive because space is occupied. Less is more, clean and orderly space with few objects generates abundance and harmony.

2. The diet of the P & G: to forgive and to thank everything and everyone. This is a very powerful exercise that will free you emotionally and will help you even lose physical weight. Make a list of the people you had difficulty with last year or even throughout your life and write on a sheet seven things that you forgive those people. It ends up doing it with yourself. You will feel a great liberation in all planes. The light heart is the key energy for 2019.

3. Create your reality: On a poster board write and draw your goals in the 5 planes: material, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Use all colors and very specific with the universe (the universe is a reflection of our interior and is ready to give us what we ask). Stick that card in a place where you can see it every day and leave it throughout the year so you can track the achievement of your goals.

4. Energy bath: Orientals use the ritual of the baths to activate the energy of their aura and increase their magnetic field, once you have written your goals get a jar of honey and a liter of milk, after your normal bath apply the honey from head to toe saying aloud: “the reality that I am creating this year is ….” honey has an energy component that makes everything we say is then magnetized by applying honey and saying aloud the reality that you want we are beginning to create that information in our magnetic field. When finished applying the mielquìtala with milk (warm). Let these two elements enter your body try not to dry yourself with a towel but allow your pores to absorb them.

5. Decrees of power: Determining is a way to accelerate and manifest our thoughts. The decrees reaffirm our intentions and transform the limiting thoughts into abundance, personal power, and possibilities. Write the following decree for 21 days and read it aloud:



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